Sunday, March 10, 2013

Handmade In A Small World

You may have noticed in the left side bar there is an Etsy box from the Clay Shaper Gallery.  Clay Shaper Gallery is the ceramics home of Potter Sally Anne Stahl. In her blog post this week Ms. Stahl writes about making living in a small space feel special by utilizing the handmade in your everyday life.  When living in small apartment or house we must make decisions.  And one decision you might make is about dishware.  You can go to one of the big box stores and buy the same crap that was made in Taiwan that half a million others have bought or you can seek out the handmade.  As a potter myself I can attest to the difference using a beatiful mug or bowl handmade by someone brings. I love getting my coffee in the morning because I have this collection of mugs and cups and each morning I look at them and think "hmmmm, which one do I feel like drinking out of today?"  It makes the morning coffee just a bit more special.  So follow the link to her blog post Handmade in a Small World and next time you are in need of new dishes, think outside the box, think unique, buy handmade pottery. You can like Clay Shaper Gallery on FaceBook too! and be sure to check her latest offerings on Etsy

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